Soledad lives and works in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work includes paintings, drawings, and large scale murals. She has participated in art exhibits and auctions in Argentina's greatest galleries, as well as at international art shows in Paris. Soledad's work excels due to her unique application techniques, such as the use of finite brushes and Chinese ink with great detail. The artist incorporates symbolism that simulates another painting on a finished work of color.


"My paintings can be thought of as a metaphor of artistic creation as conscious and unconscious elements appear in them. There is a great confrontation between my will regarding the present and the flow of time linked to the cycles of nature. Symbolism is key in my paintings. My painting is not dependent on the reality of its moment, but seeks to transcend parallel and surrealistic areas through intuition and contemplation. I paint experiences that tend to spirituality. I seek to transcend leaving my secrets on the canvases over time."

         -- Soledad Demaria

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